Another tittless poem

July 12, 2012
By HelenRain BRONZE, Delta, Colorado
HelenRain BRONZE, Delta, Colorado
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I can't forget
About the regret
Of ever meeting you
At first it was great
To pieces of a heart to make a whole
Then the first fight
Slowly starting to crumble
So she says
"One more scar can't hurt"
As the boy screams in her ear
She stops
Looks around
And puts the razor down
Then the next fight rolls around
And he lets her stain her arm
As the crimson glistenes
He barely whispers
"Baby I love you lets try this one more time."
At last the end
She can no longe endure the pain
Her razor is dull
She must find her new item
The beautiful knife
He comes to see
Her covered in rubies
Her lifeless soul
No longer beating
He cries out in agony
He knows its all his fault
He tries to deny it
It just eats him inside
As he looks at her corpse
And wonders why

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