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I Used To Love You.

July 11, 2012
By Tigerfly101 PLATINUM, Derry, New Hampshire
Tigerfly101 PLATINUM, Derry, New Hampshire
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You found the darkest tunnel inside me and lit that candle bright.
You led the way out of the maze that built my life.
I told myself that time would show the way,
to bring us together each and every day.
Perhaps I was wrong to think you were a wish come true,
to believe my shining star was really you.
You made me believe in your words, for they were strong,
but now I know that dreams were meant to give up when they're chased this long.
Perhaps I may not find that fairy tale life I desire,
but I will not give up on another love, and I'll never tire.
Words can be repeated and therefore get old,
but a heart keeps on shining, bright and bold.
You may have left a scar, but it will fade away,
and be replaced with a lover who will take it's place someday.
He'll be my flower that blooms with reality,
not the fake piece of plastic that caused our loves fatality.
I have the caring personality that you seem to lack,
so I wrote this poem as a goodbye, and I'm not coming back.

The author's comments:
I wrote this to replace my anguish and anger when I broke up with my boyfriend. It's to show others that no matter how great and special that guy or girl may be, they just might change..

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