For You

July 11, 2012
By Nika_ GOLD, Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas
Nika_ GOLD, Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas
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I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one gets through to the father except through me. - Jesus Christ

For you, I am the Sea, forever trying to retake the land, but always being forced back to simply try again.
For me, you became a tempest, pushing everything you loved away.
For you, I am the the Earth, giving you someplace to land when you're going to fall.
For me, you became mud, dragging me down no matter how much I struggle.
For you, I am the Moon, bringing you light in the blackest hour.
For me, you became an eclipse, making me stumble in the black even when I was having the brightest day.
For you, I am the Clouds, providing shelter from the scorching heat of those who would hurt you.
For me, you became lightning, striking me with your fury when I stand tall with pride.
For you, I am the Dawn, shoving the nights of your life back to make room for the Sun.
For me, you became Twilight, beautiful, yet bringing a promise of darkness.
For you, I am the Lush Grass, putting myself between you and the sharp rocks.
For me, you became weeds, helping only yourself by sucking out all which was good in me.
For you, I am the Fire, providing warmth when all others were cold to you.
For me, you became a blizzard, not only content with extinguishing what little warmth I had, but being the coldest anyone has ever been to me.
For you, I am the birds, providing sweet music whenever you need it.
For me, you became thunder, drowning out all sweet sounds from my life.
For me, you became a parasite, engorging yourself on my sorrow and confusion.
And yet, even after all of this, for you, I am still the Loyal Dog, returning willfully back after every kick.

The author's comments:
I'm writing this for all of those people who give their all to someone, and they treat you like garbage.

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