Masking The Night

July 9, 2012
Every Subtle, Simple Twilight
I Ponder, Staring At The Colors
Of The Sky, Fading Into An
Empty Darkness, Devouring
The Warmth Of Light.
Transparent, It Does Show Us All,
Blistering Lights And Steam-Filled Puffs,
That Bring The Earth Her Quenching.
I Daze And Dream
And Question Our Existence
In Itself.
I Desperately Watch All
Of The Sky's Secrets
Come Pouring Out.
As The Gentle Stream Of Light Pours
In, Kissing The Horizon Tenderly,
The Raging Flames Of Colors
Come Crashing Onto The Night.
Washing Her.
Making Her Secrets.
So No One Could Hurt
His Dear.

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