New Life

June 8, 2012
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The excitement for a new life,
The joy of such a little thing,
Everyone wanting to see,
It was unexpected, but it was happening,
When she first found out, all you can see is the sparkle in her eyes that were filled with joy,
But now all you see is the puffiness and redness of her eyes from the tears that fall throughout her day,
Days, weeks, months of planning for this little thing that was meant more than her own life,
It was early in the day and there was a phone call,
We rushed home,
The drive to the Beaufort Memorial Hospital was crucial,
When we got there we were sent to a room and waited to hear the news,
Nurses and doctors were in and out just trying to find that little heart beep,
There expressions and faces would say it all,
They took me out of the room and said to wait outside,
They took her to the operating room,
A quick C-section would save us all,
Me sitting there not having a clue,
Going to the snack machine and thinking of food,
When my mom came out and told me the news,
I smiled thinking it was good,
But her tears and face was not so good,
They took my aunt and the baby into a quiet and dull room,
When I walked in I saw her holding it,
It was a beautiful baby girl,
I looked back up and she was crying hysterically and I’m thinking what’s wrong,
I looked into her arms and I knew she was gone,
She was purple and hard,
I started to cry, and I will never forget that day for as long as I live,
I held her in my arms,
Goodbye I said,
Goodbye I said to an unknown baby without a name.

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