Simply One Sided

June 8, 2012
By , Galveston TX, TX
I bring you letters from the boy that you used to know.
He says he's sorry for the words that make you feel you weren't alone.
Dedicated, I'm not obligated.
There's a difference between the two, opposites abated.
I'm elated, to make my words less faded,
to make the diction in my heart less vacant.
There was passion between you and I,
I felt it in your body and i saw it in your eyes.
It was a polychromatic catharsis from our auras
hotter then a bright summer day down in Florida.
You left me speechless, i'm not breathing I'm gasping,
As i write these words, i don't see this lasting.
Poison in my blood, like your my hearts assassin.
You already know the answer, i'm not telling i'm asking.
Is there such a thing, as reasons that im scared?
If I was a little older, would I even f***ing care?
Attractions not the word, id call it admiration
Now romeo and juliet don't seem like devastation.
Emotional Arousal, mixed with full exhilaration
Your my light in the dark, and my life's illumination
Translation, temptation means your my aspiration.
Cant quite obtain the words to describe this high sensation.
So on the brink of death, i still manage living life.
cause so rarely in this world are these chances given twice.
Your magnetic I'm iron, i cant resist your pull.
Nothing can stop us, f*** newtons first rule.
Your the lighter to my bowl, the apple of my eye
The thunder to my lightning and the smoke to my high.
I speak slowly in poetry, to convey my desires,
Feels like i drank acid and my hearts on fire.
You had my fever at one hundred like i had the flu.
I love you and miss you, and wished you missed me too.

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bethanyvreeve This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jul. 14, 2012 at 10:35 am
Sometimes rhyming can be cheesy but you did an excellent job with making it flow very well. Beautiful work. Well done!
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