July 1, 2012
Looking into this world,
Painted faces and wigs.
The people of the mask,
Dolls and fairy tails,
Lost reality.

Few dare to go bare-faced,
To be mask-less
Is to be vulnerable,
To be naked,
Is to be judged.
No love can go to those who are different,
Shackles the only thing destined to cover their imperfections.
Spat upon.

None know how to look through fake eyes and see wisdom before them,
Unreal emotions seep through porcelain.
Creators of empty happiness and full-bloomed lust.
No love can be given if there is no reality to conceive it.

Now lit fires choke the sufferer,
Lick up the loving heart,
Consume the ravaged body.
Ashes are now what is left of the only living thing,
And an empty face of a unique soul,
A lost spirit left to be taken Home.

Now lies a new mask created,
A new person waiting to be taken.
Will you change into something forgotten?
Do you dare put on a new face,
Or will it be left in the ashes?
For another beast to take
To plagiarize another beautiful thing?

So the collection of faces grow,
New bodies to try an act out,
New unspiritual actions to take place.
The next fire lit,
More fog to fill up a lost world.

But maybe one day a light will shine through,
Crumble all the walls built up to hide behind,
And lost hearts to one day be found under rubble.

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