Dirty Devil

July 1, 2012
they've done you wrong and you notice...
in an instant..it comes. suddenly,the rage,burning,throbbing, that overwhelms your soul..drowns your heart in dirty black contempt..

nothing you can do to stop it

with an iron fist,it grabs hold of your throat till you feel as though.. as though you are merely in a dream

living,breathing,struggling..cloudy thoughts..
all reason,all sanity wash away..tears carry them somewhere far..
..in an instant, the dirty devil consumes you...you do something you'll soon live to regret..all in the name of anger,revenge..
..then it vanishes.. leaving you cold and alone ..to taste the bitter pill of remorse..

you'll regret. swearing to let the good in you have the best in you if a scenario such as this ever recurs..

...but deep in the coldest, emptiest , darkest part of your heart, ...

the dirty devil laughs

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