July 9, 2012
By jd_thepoet BRONZE, Robbins, Illinois
jd_thepoet BRONZE, Robbins, Illinois
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never regret something that once made you smile

My fallen tears display the pain I don't show no matter how close we are you will never know what I keep deep inside and hide from your View
The real me that you never really knew or even tried to meet that's why our bond is weak
Constantly restrained so it will never reach its peak
I'm not even sure if you can even bear my pain you run when it drizzles so I know you can't stand the rain
No it's more like a raging storm in human form something way out of the norm
But I can't really describe it so why try if you really want to know just take a look in my eye
Than you would see my soul with is both weak n old and the little seeds of love that never grow but it will never show I can contain it all and mold it into a ball
Put on a mask and front for you all but I'm not as strong as I look my
Whole foundation is shook my innocence and love was stolen by a crook
Who took everything and left nothing to call my own
So now I can't feel and will always be alone

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