Where I'm From

July 9, 2012
I am from the bills and letters on the counter and the green forest at my feet.
From the angels in the shelves hiding behind their mother and the sound of a shotgun, that in reality never shoots.
I am from the symbols I relax on and the half blind inhuman baby.
I am from the flowers in the sea of purple and the shining light in the black.

I am from the itchy grass and the creaky swings.
From the watchful parents heads go up and down and the tears as it goes away.
I am from the eyes in the dusty window, looking down at the contained dirt hole.
From the running away turtle and the welcome squirrel.
I am from the cool water and the haunting bugs.
From the trees and the bushes surrounding us and the water painted wall.

I am from the scary night walks and the left out toys.
From staying up late to solve a mystery and the old torn dresses.
I am from hidden phone calls and last minute checking.
From mix-match pj's and snuggling.

I am from Mother's song and Dad's loud voice.
From name calling and rhyming nick-names.
I am from playful fights and around the dinner table.
From movie watching and empty popcorn bowls.

I am from music notes and flowing words.
From Facebook updates and midnight laughter.
I am from pages of a book and memorization of Scripture.
From a heart given to others and filled in spaces of my hand.
I am from crimson tears and a blanket over my shoulders.

The big black trash bag in my closet just sits and waits.
Papers, pictures, and crafts spill out over my messy floor,
Reminding me, Where I'm From.

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