June 8, 2012
By tiinytiina BRONZE, Lacey, Washington
tiinytiina BRONZE, Lacey, Washington
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People labeling anything they can
Vicious animals to name at least one
Pitbulls for one, protesters try and ban
They are dangerous and not any fun

A message, protesters try & portray
But what made them as vicious as they’re tracks
Some need the courage to man up and say
Abuse, neglect, bringing them to attack

We’re the reason why they act as they do
Abuse, neglect, bringing them to attack
Our ill minds making them corrupt like fools
We are, blaming their arrant minds on them

We have no say in corrupt animals
When we attempted to transmute them all
Into these vicious fighters, they’re brutal
Only through neglect, but wouldn’t we all?

The author's comments:
Open your eyes, labeling only weighs down people, and doesn't make anyone better. Nobodys what you imply them to be.

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