Where I'm from

June 8, 2012
By , boston, MA
where I'm from

Yo soy Dominicana , I am Dominican. I am from a place full of beaches. A place where you can feel the sand in your feet. A place where you can taste the salty water when you bath in the beach .

My country is calling me! The delicious food that you can smell and taste through the hot air. The tasty food which is home-made, food such as Sancocho.

I can still hear the loud but joyful music in my ears. The children playing in the park such a good way to amuse the crowd. The people hiding from the Sun rays in the shadows like a group of mice hiding in your house so no one can end their destiny.

My country is hot as fire. My country is serenity. My country is who identifies me. The red, white, and blue of my Flag, the Spanish language, the secret beauty of my country, a special beauty hidden behind the trees, the people, the beaches. .. Beauty so secret like the way a spy tries to decode a secret message.

My family is the sun that illuminates my life. My family also shapes from where i come from. I am from a family with many rules, a family who set goals, a family who is loving and caring. A family who is part of who I am.

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