9/11 attack

May 24, 2012
9/11 attack

It was just going to be another normal day.

Or so I thought it would be.

Walking up the stairs to my office,

I was carrying my green iced tea

Saying hello to people who passed by
And yawning every now and then.
Something happened that I was not expecting,
And it was happening over and over again.

The floors started to shake
I dropped the drink I had in my hand
And grasped onto the railing of the stairwell
This definitely was not something planned

I could see the floor starting to split
And I heard screams of terror above and below me
Someone screaming “GO! GO! GO!”
I couldn’t see anything now, there was too much debris

Then, it all happened in a nanosecond
Bits and pieces of the ceiling fell
I tumbled down the stairs
I had no time anymore to yell

I could feel heat building up on my skin
Hearing voices in the background “They’re terrorists! We’re gonna die!”
And then it hit me, a plane flew into the building.
This was my last goodbye

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