9/11 attack

May 24, 2012
By sydneystrohl BRONZE, Lemont, Illinois
sydneystrohl BRONZE, Lemont, Illinois
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9/11 attack

It was just going to be another normal day.

Or so I thought it would be.

Walking up the stairs to my office,

I was carrying my green iced tea

Saying hello to people who passed by
And yawning every now and then.
Something happened that I was not expecting,
And it was happening over and over again.

The floors started to shake
I dropped the drink I had in my hand
And grasped onto the railing of the stairwell
This definitely was not something planned

I could see the floor starting to split
And I heard screams of terror above and below me
Someone screaming “GO! GO! GO!”
I couldn’t see anything now, there was too much debris

Then, it all happened in a nanosecond
Bits and pieces of the ceiling fell
I tumbled down the stairs
I had no time anymore to yell

I could feel heat building up on my skin
Hearing voices in the background “They’re terrorists! We’re gonna die!”
And then it hit me, a plane flew into the building.
This was my last goodbye

The author's comments:
I was only four years old when the two planes hit the two towers. So, being very young at the time, I didn't know much about it or what had happened until a few years later. In my 8th grader homeroom, we would always watch newscasts on a show can Channel One that was always played during that class. It was September 11th during my 8th grade year, and on the TV screen played the whole attack from start to finish. Even though I wasn't there, I felt as if I was. Sitting in my chair, I was totally speechless.

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