Our Way-T.S.A (True Social Awareness)

July 2, 2012
We’ve all lost our way,

From our morals we’ve turned to immortals,

So we’ve diverged and gone astray,

We took the road taken and made life dirty and poisonous,

We are living in an ashtray,

Where one enjoys and the other eats the ash,

This is the reality that sounds harsh,

We don’t know who we are,

We have an ID but we don’t know if it is ours,

We try to plant flowers in our gardens,

But we end up planting poisonwoods,

Our life is poison,

Because we’ve diverged from our morals,

Listen! Even our voice is not our voice,

It is just auto-tune,

We’ve lost our true vocals,

From the profanity to the insanity leaves our souls in calamity,

To the Almighty we pray, to the Almighty we curse,

So whosever started first finished last,

…The golden rule…

But as Ini Kamoze said; “the gold will rule”,

Yes, this is a harsh grim depressing logic that is catastrophic,

And I’m no Nostradamus,

I’m just a preacher,

My religion is the True Social Awareness,

My religion consists of vomiting the disgusting heinous filthy truth,

My region is my heart and your heart,

That is where we went astray,

And that is where I will heal your heartburn,

And preach that we will find our way,


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