Common Sense

July 2, 2012
By brother-timo BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
brother-timo BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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Common sense is not common

You serve others with a bowl that is overflowing with love and generosity

And they return the favor with a bowl full of piss

You strive for peace, but receive hostility and animosity

See, common sense is not common

You have no moral obligation to Jimmy or Jessica to communicate

But since meekness is instilled in you, they flip the table and....communihate

See, common sense is not common

You help out somebody when adversity is weighing them down

And when they are on their feet, they don't practice reciprocity, if they do, it's done reluctantly

See, common sense is not common

So, Lord have mercy... As this world has no mercy

Everybody is living a dark life, like the chocolate we eat

Thus we lack proper nutrition: which holds friendship, brings success, gives us common sense which isn't common, and which brings love in times of war

Since common sense is not common, logic concludes that common sense is wisdom ONLY for the wise.

Majority are despised and are surprised, that this poem has them mesmerized

If common sense was common

You would communicate and not communihate

But since most of us are not wise, let us cease using common sense and start practicing the golden rule

Not through fear or karma, rather through love and respect

Since common sense is not common.

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