July 2, 2012
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The world it's self was so grey until that one day.Some thing changed my life forever.It was the day i met you.You were so bright filled with life.I wanted that too.You always smiled and said everything was going to be all right and it was.You just sat there so peacefully even though others tried there best to destroy you.You just stayed there so strong with a smile.You never moved your beautiful wings.You never soared.You never left.You were here to stay.You gave me hope and made me want to live.You helped me everyday just by smiling.Your color soon started to fade.The sky got dark.The people all went away.Why??You started to fade.You got sick.Your color was going away.You had the chance to leave sooner but you still stayed.You made sure me and everyone you loved was well.Once you were sure your color had burst everywhere.You moved.You spread your wings and flew.You flew so beautiful with color so bright.You were here to stay always will.Your in my heart.

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