If you give a soldier a platoon

July 2, 2012
If you give a soldier a platoon

If you give a soldier a platoon
He’ll train for action.
If you train a soldier for action,
He’s going to fight.
If a soldier wants to fight
He’ll want to gear up with
The latest equipment.
If he gears up, he’s going to want
To get on the move.
If he gets on the move
Hes going to prepare himself for action.
When he prepares himself for action,
He feels confident inside.
The teams unification becomes one and all solders feel strength among them.
He’ll march with his platoon to the battle line.
When a soldier reaches a battle line,
He feels the fear crawling inside him,
But then he hears his captain’s voice, And realizes he’s not alone.
Then he’ll see his nation’s flag
And remembers he’s fighting for his country
And his country’s freedom.
When a soldier fights for his country
Nothing will stop him…but death.
If you give a soldier a platoon,
He’ll fight for his country
Till death stops him.

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