Your the Miricale I've been Wanting!

July 2, 2012
By Syleste GOLD, WilsonVille, Illinois
Syleste GOLD, WilsonVille, Illinois
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"love is like a river, so let it flow free."

I'm done hurting,
Myself and others,
Just because I'm sad,
Don't mean the others have to suffer,
I know that i have turned on you,
But I'm here to take it back,
I'm sorry you felt like the bad guy,
I'm sorry i didn't give you some slack,
I cant I'magine how you feel,
I know i was so cruel,
I'm always here you know,
I'm sorry i was a fool,
I'm sorry if i hurt you so,
I know that we have problems,
Parents and our mistakes,
When my mom met Aaron,
I knew i had a fate,
Then when i seen you,
My jaw nearly dropped,
I couldn't believe what i was seeing,
My heart almost stopped,
The sun shining off your face,
Leaving me so zoned,
i knew that you were gorgeous,
But i couldn't tell you the truth,
i wish all the tI'me,
Hoping that i could get that perfect boy,
I had a plan to set,
but you made the first move,
When we were in the basement,
We were holding rabbits,
And you told me how you felt,
But sense this drama has come up,
I fear it over between you and me,
And i don't want that to happen,
Because I'll never give up,
Even if you leave me,
I wont give you up.

The author's comments:
i was so upset!!!

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