Best Friend With No Name

June 18, 2012
For so long you have been my best friend
On those lonely nights when no one was around to talk to
I could always count on you to lend me an ear
Who are you?

I remember the day we met, third grade
The teacher paired us together
Told us to describe the weather outside
It was so much fun and everyone loved what we came up with
I knew then we would be friends forever
Where did you come from?

As the years went by I met many of your other friends
We all seemed to get along just fine
Wherever one went, the others followed
What is your name?

It’s been about ten years that this friendship has continued to grow
When I didn’t have a voice, you helped me find one
I can’t count the many times I’ve been lost and confused
You were always there waiting for me
Helping me find my way back

You understood me better than anyone
Never judged or abandoned me when I needed you the most
A reliable source and dear friend is what you became
…is what you are

For years I’ve never known what to call you
I just knew you made me happy
That was all that mattered
And I knew I wanted to keep you around

Now that I’m trying to figure you out
We aren’t as close as we used to be
But I promise that this bump in our friendship will soon end
Until then, here’s to you…Poetry
Thank you.

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