The Masker

June 16, 2012
Smile,smile, just play it off and smile,
Pretend that my life is all together.
Act as though I'm better off with out them,
That it doesn't even phase me today.
I put on that mask that I so often wear.
But down, down, down my life is spiralling.
I have a fake grin filled with teeth,
But the lies they hold back are scary.
My eyes, are blank, filled with emptiness,
In them lie the story of why I am so,
filled with hopelessness and ugly regret,
coated in disgrace and pathetic shame.
Lying underneath my porcelain skin,
hides my many bruises and scars.
Yet these marks are not my tragic fear.
My fear is located in my skull,
where the eerie memories will stay.
They haunt me when I least expect them,
But I hide all of this with a good mask.
Even though I'm dying inside.

However you would never know would you?
I am a masker, through the day and night.
Masking day in and out, day in and out.
I will always live my days as a masker.

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