Glue and Porcelain

July 5, 2012
By Gypsyroses SILVER, Lower Merion, Pennsylvania
Gypsyroses SILVER, Lower Merion, Pennsylvania
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It shouldn't be here
not today not this week not this year
the moth landed on my pinky and i felt like iwouldshatter
i am was will be a porcelain doll
you can see the spidery cracks in my frozen exterior
i told it to go away
don't touch me don't love me i need to stay high above on my shelf made of silly dreams
i’m sorry
i’m sorry
if you bend my limbs if you try to make my painted mouth smile
i will shatter into a billion hundred little pieces
i know
i have shattered before
you can see you can see the pieces missing in me the pieces where him and her and them tried to fit me back together and glue me back together
you can see cant you
you can see where they lost the shards where they stepped on them where they fell down the air vent got eaten by the dog
where they went missing
maybe if you had some porcelain maybe if you had some glue
you could fill in the pieces that have been missing from me for so long
i want you to(o)

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