June 25, 2012
By RegularToaster BRONZE, Fayetteville, Arkansas
RegularToaster BRONZE, Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Look beneath the floorboards, see what I have hidden
For in the midst of my bruised life I mean surely it is forbidden Nevertheless look inside, see what I truly am
Dig deeper than your arm can go Deep into my heart
Inside this cupboard hidden
You'll find
A sweet sweet harp
It plays some old melodies and parts seem out of tune
But somewhere before the key change
Somewhere very soon
You will listen and hear my soul never clear but now so true
My Aimless thoughts and intentions Yet listen there you'll hear... Something right
A vivid pitch in tune
Within this note holds memory of when I discovered The bright red town
With gold and crowns prolific
I found myself as I once was
Not a spot of color on my robe Gleaming white and floating through the town
Many stared in awe then found themselves and gave a laugh
Later in the song you'll find
My chords have switched to minor
My clothes had never been washed
My robe of brown and black
Repelled and didn't attract
However, I felt hallow
Everything was supposed to be better
My castle was far the greatest
My reputation was divine
However I had no bright robe that shined a bright white shine
Inside my heart I tried to look Stopped after two hard tries
Now you my son,
Look beneath my floorboards
See what I have hidden
Find the few living things
Alone and longing for new dreams
Look for my white robe
It will fit you for it knows how you've lived
Sign up for the battle and fight until you see
A sign that says you've made it higher
Higher that is
Then me
Listen to the song,
Hear the sad long ending
Listen to the song,
Hear my good will
Listen to the song,
Hear the sound of well nurtured trees crack
Listen to the song,
And don't ever look back at the town of scarlet red At the cold dark castles
Whose lights only turn on twice
To let you see your vineyard
Look not back my son,
And at the many who found the fame Listen not to the laughing
Break free from the chains of shame
Fix all the notes that are wrong
And re-orchestrate the song
Put it in your floor board
Bury it an arms length deep
And pray that someone finds it
And then pray that that someone
Will think

The author's comments:
This piece is about a life that has decayed to the things of the world, and the council of a father to beware the stumbling blocks on which he himself has fallen.

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