The Two Brothers

June 27, 2012
Time is a funny thing. Sometimes, an hour can take a year, just as a year can turn to an hour. Where are the words to describe Time? In answer there are none. And what for Death? How are we to describe a sensation only the bloodless know about? Time and Death, two opposites of the universe, and yet brothers, one in the same, growing upon the other until impossible to tell who came first. In Death, Time stops, or perhaps it ceases to exist. Minutes, hours, years, all but meaningless words to the deceased. For there is no Time, but eternity, no thought, but emptiness. But what is to happen when the sands of Time grind to a standstill, when the ever swirling universe comes to an abrupt halt? If Time is stopped, there is no Death, and if there’s no Death…
What is there?


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writer3499 said...
Jul. 3, 2012 at 10:55 am
Wow this is a really powerful poem! It made me think, and I don't really what the world would be like without death... interesting! I really love this!
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