Your Loss..No, Mine.

June 27, 2012
By Anonymous

I don’t understand
We’ve been together for so long
But sometimes I feel so far apart
I know that can’t be right
But its true
I know you don’t feel it
That’s because you aren’t in the position I am
And you say you get it
That you understand
But you don’t.
You never will
No matter how hard you try
I’ve explained it over
And over again
But you keep doing the same thing
So you lie to me when you tell me,
“I’m sorry, I understand”
Sometimes I wish I was you and you were me
Not so you understand
But so I can stop feeling like this
I can be the popular one
The one who
Fits in
Then you would know what its like
To be someone like me
Your dating me
But you don’t truly know me
You act like you know me inside out
But you don’t
I know everything about you
Every tiny thing
And you don’t even know the biggest part of me
I guess that’s your loss…
Really its more of mine
I’m the one who gets hurt
And cries
But whatever
I guess..

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