Love Can Be

June 26, 2012
Love can be a bandage
Made for healing
Made for hurts
Love can be a scissor
Cutting paper hearts
To scraps and pieces
To trash left out in the rain
Love can be a bridge
Spanning wars
Spanning races, connecting us
Love can be a piece of parchment
So frail and ashy
So burnable
Love can be a fire
It may burn you
It may consume all you have
Love can be a thief
Coming in the night
Coming and going too fast to catch
Love can be salvation
Gracing your heart
Gracing your soul
Love can be forgiveness
Soothing the aches and hurts
Soothing the memories
Love can be a needle
Stabbing you
Stabbing your dreams
And if I wait
By this telephone
And you don’t call
What will love be?

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