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That One Instant

June 14, 2012
By ghummanonfire GOLD, Lahore, Other
ghummanonfire GOLD, Lahore, Other
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A coward dies a million times. A courageous man only dies once.

How far will you go, love?
How long will you struggle?
We cannot be, for
We are like the sun and the moon
When one rises, the other sets
When one lights, the other dims
Would you travel through time?
Would you cross the horizon and oceans?
You can surpass your limits, but
You would lose me. Why?
Because that is the fate of loving me
Because I blow with the wind
I disappear in the mist
I travel ahead of the clock
And each time you come close,
I will slip away through your fingers, for
I am lighter than sand grains, though
Alas! My love be heavier than mountains and
Alas! That alone can connect us
By God, the sunrise and sunset are united
By the fate of sharing
The same shard of radiance at one interval
Then they wend their way in opposite directions
Only to be connected again at that
One instant, after hours of waiting…

The author's comments:
i had submitted this poem to the "inspired by tagore" competition and it got selected as one of the winning entries and will be published in a book called "inspired by tagore" along with the other winning entries! i just wanted to share it with everyone.

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