My Own Kind Of Hero

May 23, 2012
By MayaReardon SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
MayaReardon SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"No, you cant be my hero, everybody has to learn how to be their own kind of hero"

I wanna be my own hero
I want to light up my sky
I wanna know the way I go
But that takes time

People tell me wait till I’m older have patience
Is that the answer to everything?
Time and patience,
Oh how I try

As I ran down the street, feeling out of breath
I started thinking, what is time for the people who don't have it
If I lay on my dying breath, would I have patience?
Will my dream have been fulfilled?

What if I fail,
Fear keeps pushing in
I could so easily fall and not get back up

As I start to cry, tears pouring down my face
I make the resolution, that I will try
And make my dream fly
Don’t anyone dare ask me why

I spin in a circle, laughing in delight
Dance in the rain in the middle of the night
Lifting up my hands as I strike a pose
Slowly I crinkle up my nose

I wanna be my own hero
I want to light up my sky
I wanna know the way I go
But that takes time

But since my hero is me, I can be free
Try to be myself, let the rest be
Cause I’m a hero, at least too me

I think I can do this
Be whom I might
Cause this is my dream no one else’s

Time and patience
Time and patience
why can’t I find the patience if I don’t wait the time
time and patience

As I watch my friend cry blue tears
I look at the light and realize that hero’s don’t just save others
They have to save themselves too
Frell to time and patience, I just need you

Don’t laugh at me it’s true,
cause I believe in me and you

time and patience
time and patience
cause I’m my hero, I don’t need it
but I do
time and patience

The author's comments:
Wrote this in a tough spot

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