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June 24, 2012
By BlueEyedAngel BRONZE, Senatobia, Mississippi
BlueEyedAngel BRONZE, Senatobia, Mississippi
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intelligence plus character, that is the goal to true education.
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Fathers are more than special to little girls, they are our world.
A father so tall, A father so strong. A father who tells his little girl he'll never be gone.
A father that smiles, A father so kind, A father who shines, in his little girls' eyes.
A father with strength like no other, his little girl just knew no one could hurt him.
A father who watches as I grow older, but still sees me as his little pink soldier.
He taught me to be strong, without even knowing. His heart so big, it doesn't show but it's glowing.
A father with a daughter, A father with a son. A father with no idea, that he's my #1.
A father so quiet. A father so loud. A father so distant, but A father so proud.
A father that I love.
A father that I need.
Because without you father,
I couldn't be me.

The author's comments:
Try not to take family for granted. You never know when they'll be gone.

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