She Slips

June 23, 2012
By Adolescent_Adventurer SILVER, Sugar Land, Texas
Adolescent_Adventurer SILVER, Sugar Land, Texas
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"And in that moment, i swear we were infinite." - The Perks of Being a Wallflower

His influence on her was strong
stronger than the ropes that held her together
and when he left,
he left her there listening to a slow paced beat inside her chest

It beats loud over the sound of her racing mind
All that is around her is washed and faded
She's looking at her life through a fogged window

Swaying back and forth again and again
in an attempt to calm herself..
the world slips from the loose grip she once had on it
like the warm wet tears that slide down the sides of her pale face
What will she do when all that became her was gone?
A panic overthrows her
Or is it her?
She is slipping from all that is sane
all that is normal
all that once was her life

What it is now can barely be called any
not sane nor normal nor her life
her mind has lost it's control upon itself
An influence grater than will has taken over

She was no longer herself but a puppet for those around her
those whom care only about problems of their own
rather than considering those of the one they have nearly consumed

And now as she slips and falls deep
deeper than she realizes
deeper than anyone can reach
deeper than anyone would travel to rescue her
deeper than the very depths of life itself
she begins to let go
of the one last thing she had the slightest..yet no control over at all

As it thumps louder than anything she can make sense of
it reminds her of the one thing keeping her there
the one thing that that kept her there
The one thing that he couldn't take as his own under the influence of charm
but now seeing nothing was left
she took it from herself

Knowing that he had taken everything for himself she wanted to be the one to take the thing that was most vital to her
her heartbeat
and so she did
then she slipped further than the depths of life itself into a light
into a sweet harmony
her mind had never envisioned
but that her heart always knew

The author's comments:
Just a poem I wrote a little while back.

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