Thoughts of a Germ

June 23, 2012
By WriterOfTheRevolution BRONZE, S. Connellsville, Pennsylvania
WriterOfTheRevolution BRONZE, S. Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
I do have rhythm. It's just a little off-beat.

I, the creature which you despise, am on you.
No, not that you can see. But know, dear human,
That I am always somewhere.
Watching in the wings
I’m waiting for my time to strike.
My time to enter your body.
Through any means at all.
I will get in your body,
Enter your bloodstream
And ravage you.
I will ruin your day, your week, possibly your life.
The best part?
You can do nothing.
Sure, my enemies are in you.
Sure, they may be strong.
But there is always a weakness.
And I can find it.
The best part?
There are millions of me.
And we all work as a team.
We will conquer all.
You may get rid of us.
But the second you do, we’ll be back.

The author's comments:
Yeah. I've written about a germ. I can't sleep. I've hit a new level of desperation! I'M SORRY!

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