Through The Water

June 5, 2012
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The sun is high in the sky
The warmth from it feels the air
I stand on the ledge of the board
Brace myself to dive

So suddenly I splash
This feeling makes me feel so alive
As I start to sink to the bottom
My body starts to react

Feet begin kicking
Arms swinging in front of me
As if to pry the water apart
My eyes begin to sting
Because of the chlorine

I move so quickly through the water
Tilt my head towards the sky
As the sunshine glitters from above
My lungs begin to crave oxygen

I start to swim towards the top
It seems so far away now
I reach my destination
The feeling of breathing enlightens me

Back down one more time
The feeling of my body through the water
The feeling of my lungs hungry for air
The feeling of warm sun underneath all of this
I love so much.

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