The Super Genius

June 13, 2012
By b.ziman BRONZE, Middlebury, Connecticut
b.ziman BRONZE, Middlebury, Connecticut
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Dear ACME,

Wile Coyote a super genius
I have bought more products than an instructor
Al I want to do
Is catch someone very sly
Oh can this bird fly

Ive been trying to catch him for years
But through all the pain and tears
I have gotten no where
But to get kids and parents smiling
Why do they laugh so hard?

Don’t they understand?
It takes so much time to make the plans
So much money I put into your company
And you fail me
Every time

Why though?
The road runner doesn’t pay you
All he does is run and make fun of me
Our relationship needs to change
Because I’m on a mission
And I cant do it without you

I’m not as fast
But my brains make up for it
So help a genius complete his mission
To catch this bird
For whatever reason now
Because its been so long
I don’t remember now

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