Why Can't I Stay Away

June 22, 2012
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Because your eyes entice me so,
I have no shield to guard against
The gaze that pierces into my soul.

Because there is something,
Something that your soul possesses,
That continuously pulls on my heart.
The force of this something is great,
So great that I lose control
Over the beating that resides in my chest.

Because you bring out my true self.
The grueling pain that came from resisting,
This spiritual grasp that you have,
Upon my entity in which gives you control
Over whom I am to become.

Because every time I run,
From the truth that pursues my heart.
All I do is thwarted by an unseen force,
The force of love that consumes reality.

Because of the times we had,
Good or bad, we stuck through them.

Because no matter what,
I have an undying feeling.
This is the feeling that,
In the light and the dark,
It brings happiness to my life.

Because through the good,
Through the bad,
Through anything that comes our way,
I can’t stay away.

Why can’t I stay away?
Why can’t I just stay away?
No matter what I do,
I just can’t stay away.
I can’t stay away,
Because I LOVE you!

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