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June 22, 2012
By Hyera BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
Hyera BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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You say you love the rain
But you use an umbrella to walk under it
You say you love the sun
But you seek shade when it's shining
You say you love the wind
But you shut it out of your window
You say you love the moon
But you forget to acknowledge it
You say you love the stars
But you're too busy trying to be one

Don't you know that there's always a new day?
A day where the sun will rise in the east
As it later sets in the west
A day where the leaves will fall to the ground
As it cushions your path
A day where the waves come and go
As it playfully catches your feet
It is your job to cease the day
No matter how low or high it may be
Don't you know better to utilize your day to your advantage?

Yet you don't realize enough
So you undervalue your capabilities
Yet you don't love enough
So you neglect your nature to love
Yet you don't hope enough
So you keep letting reality take it away
Yet you don't believe enough
So you misguide yourself over and over again
Yet you don't forgive enough
So you create barriers between you and others

It's true, life isn't what it used to be
You used to run around playing hide and seek
Now you run against the world wishing you could hide and not be seeked
You used to laugh and find joy at even the smallest things
Now you laugh only on rare occasions and joy is nowhere to be found
You used to get along with anyone and everyone
Now you don't even get along with yourself
You used to listen
Now you can't wait to shoot your thoughts across
Life really isn't what it used to be

But you don't understand, you don't see
That life is a journey,
Fueled by your heart
When you stop hesitating and step out into reality,
Your journey will start
Think before every action,
Same goes for the decisions you make
Shape and mend yourself,
As you go through the path that you take
Now do you understand, do you see?

No matter how far you go
Or how high you jump
No matter how fast you go
Or how deep you dive
Dare to remember
That it doesn't matter
Fulfill the undoable by being you
And life will suddenly matter
You won't have to drown in your debts
You'll finally live your life with no regrets

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