Waving Goodbye

June 21, 2012
By Daniella0711 BRONZE, Absecon, New Jersey
Daniella0711 BRONZE, Absecon, New Jersey
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I looked at you and waved,
With hope in my heart,
That you would make it,
Through another night.
You weakly waved back
And whispered, “I love you,
I’ll see you later.”
I hesitantly replied,
“I love you too,
Good night.”
I gave you a hug,
And a kiss on the cheek.
Then I tiredly walked up stairs,
Not knowing it would be
My last time with you.
That night I prayed,
Asking for you to get better.
When I woke up,
Our whole family was over.
Everyone looked sad,
Some were even crying.
I kept asking what was wrong,
They all said that you were sleeping.
I knew better than that,
I knew that you had passed away.
Tears started streaming from my eyes.
I went to your office,
To be alone.
You always sat there,
To think about things.
I sat in your chair,
Crying for hours.
I kept asking God
To let you come back.
My mom told me that
You were finally free from pain
And in a better place.
I miss going over your
House for dinner,
And listening to your stories
For hours at a time.
You always had a way of
Making me happy.
I still sit in your chair,
And think,
And cry,
And laugh,
I’ll never forget our memories.
I’ll always remember
How you waved,
As if you knew
You were leaving.
But waving is my
Symbol of you.
I always think of you
Whenever I see a
A greyhound,
Nautical things,
And Italian things.
I know you still watch over me,
From your new home in the sky.
I can’t wait to see you
Again in Heaven.
I always think of you,
And smile.
I’ll always love
And miss you.
I love you, Pop-pop

The author's comments:
This poem is about the day when my pop-pop died. I was 4 when he died. He waved to me and said goodbye the night before he died. My nanny gave me his rocking chair that he always would sit in. This poem is very emotional to me and has a lot of meaning.

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