A Girl Who Cries

June 20, 2012
You ask me why I cry
Reasons why tears tend to fall
The waterworks come out at night
There's no stopping them at all

I cry for the lost childhood
Gone in every aspect
I cry for the accelerated adulthood
A very well accepted concept

No precepts for a little girl
No second thoughts for the tween
The girl who aspired the world
The tween who wanted to be a queen

The tween who would rush to the store
To buy with the spare change gathered
A perfect example of beauty that was poor
A barbie doll that was not tattered

A ravishing example indeed
The little girl who would turn to TV
For Arthur and DW were a good lead
To how a childhood was supposed to be

At night, the tears still come down
So most of all, for all that went by
I cry for all those who fail to see a frown
And ask me why I cry

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