Dear Sister

June 20, 2012

Your life, my responsibility,
Is it?
My life yours to blame,
Can't withstand it?
Every action complete with your
heartless reaction.
I tried ad tried but
every time I helped,
You found faults.
You never appreciate.You're
like dad, yet you don't know it.
Found? No make that find. It
happens every day.
I'm not your henchman,
not your spineless slave.
I help, maybe my legs aren't fast enough,
my voice not loud enough.
But face it you are slower,
It's your life, I help you.
But it's never enough.
Every one of my actions triggers
your temper tantrum.
Open u your narrow eyes a little wider.
See the world for itself
and then you'll understand.
Sis, you no longer
want my protection.
You no longer need me.

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