June 16, 2012
By Anonymous

“Baby, come on”
“If you love me then prove it”
“I just want to take to the next step”
“If you really love then you will do it”
“If you don’t love me enough to do it then I’ll find someone that will”

It’s funny how far you will go to get it in
To tell me you love me
That you never felt this way before
That you want to have your first time with me
That you want it to be special
That all those other girls saying they slept with you were lying
That you never told those boys we did it
That my best friend was lying when she told me if felt her up
That you be together forever
And ever…

But forever always ends
I guess what you really wanted was what I had in my pants
You’re just mad different than those other girls
That none of your stupid, idiotic, good for nothing words would make me ignorant
Make me forget to respect myself
Love myself
So I don't need you tell me you love me
That we be together forever
Because one day maybe just maybe I will meet someone that loves me not what’s in pants

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