Thought I Had In Mind

June 16, 2012
Today I burnt up from 89 degrees inside of a truck

While wearing three layers of shirts

Just to see a fail attempt of binding

I wanted to get another ACE band for my chest
But when my mother asked why I wanted to go into the pharmacy
I told her I needed pads instead

When I got home
My grandmother asked “Why am I wearing three shirts?”
And I told her “I have my reasons”

Then my mother touched my chest and said “You don’t need to hide you’re breast and this doesn’t flatten them you don’t understand that”

At that moment I felt…

My mother told me “I call you Spencer because it makes you smile and seeing you happy makes me happy”

She let me buy the clothes I felt most comfy in


Her knowing that I am trying to flatten my chest is another story

Along with me ever getting a haircut


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