Love is Cruel, Love is Blind

June 18, 2012
He looks
But doesn’t see her.
She waits around
Every day
Hoping he’ll blink
And realize
That she isn’t invisible.
But he doesn’t.
Laughing with his friends,
He never glances towards her,
Like she does to him,
All the time.
She knows that he never will
And looks away for the last time.
He glances at her
Why she is so sad, today.
But he doesn’t ask,
doesn’t leave his seat,
A fear of embarrassment glues him to the chair.
He knows she doesn’t even know he exists.
A boy and a girl,
walking in circles around each other,
so close but so far.
Both aching,
both blind.
They reach, groping in the dark,
but love dances out of their fingertips.
How cruel
that they have done this to themselves

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