Lost and Found

June 18, 2012
You clung to your sheets as if they were me
covered in a cold sweat or so it seemed.

The sun had just risen
and so did your fear,
but even though it was all fiction,
you still couldn't believe
that someday I could leave you
and forget our past together.

I told you it was just a dream;
a figment of your unconscious mind
but you continued to cry,

"I've been lost for so long and a girl like you was hard to find.
I can't imagine losing you and everything behind."

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soccerismylife said...
Jun. 25, 2012 at 8:41 am
I applaud you for trying to get past writers block! I will say that this isn’t your best poem ever but it isn’t bad either. Remember, the trick is to write, write, write! Keep it up! (by the way this is mekenna)
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