September 11th, 2001

June 15, 2012
September eleventh, two thousand and one
a disruption occurred, just at the set of the sun.
The sky turned gray and the ground seemed to shake
as people realized in shock, many lives were at stake.
Eyes flashed and winced at the fiery blaze
and saw up above an airplane had crashed in front of their gaze.

When all seemed to calm, a rupture occurred
for a break in one tower had started to stir.
A shadow fell from the mass
as the tower tumbled straight down at last.
The shock so thick and screams so loud in the fading sun,
history took place on September eleventh, two thousand and one.

Many lives lost and many tears shed
the families of the gone bowed their mourning heads.
A cloud of ash was all that remained
of the twin towers and the sadness that stained.
We still learn of this day and the tragedy that was done
on September eleventh, two thousand and one.

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