How Can You?

June 11, 2012
How can you

Act like nothing’s wrong

Like life bends to your every whim

Like you are always right?

How can you

Act like I’m worthless dirt

Like it didn’t happen a long time ago

Like I wasn’t pushed by you?

How can you

Act like you care

Like the girls are yours to take

To use and abuse?

How can you

Act like nothing happened

Like I didn’t feel your hands

Unwanted in my shirt?

How can you

Act like I’m using him

And abusing him

As you do to your girls?

How can you

Act like you’re the victim

As if I were hurting you

And not just a threat to your mighty empire?

How can you

Say I’m still in love with you

And act like it’s some great burden

When I was never in love with you?

How can you

Still harass me

After all that

Through anyone you can enlist?

How can I

Resist talking back

After all I’ve gone through

After all of that pain and suffering?

How can I

Expect to go on and calm down

After all I’ve been through

And the threat of my death looming over me?

How the hell can I?

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