Breathe In, Breathe Out

June 11, 2012
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Breathe in the ignorance
Breathe out enlightened, rational minds
Breathe in the tsunamis and earthquakes
Breathe out a united world
Breathe in the life-stealing illnesses
Breathe out the long stretch after an exhilarating run
Breathe in the sweeping intolerance
Breathe out the blind kindness on a playground
Breathe in the showers of funeral tears
Breathe out the joyous first blinks of new life
Breathe in the words and hands that sting
Breathe out the wonder in a new father’s eyes
Breathe in the divorce
Breathe out the thrill of a new love, a new beginning
Breathe in the pain
Breathe out the belly-aching laughter
Breathe in the rejection
Breathe out the joy of success
Breathe in the barred minds of bigots
Breathe out the insatiable curiosity of children
Breathe in the thick smog
Breathe out the pure water of a tumbling stream
Breathe in the frustration
Breathe out the freedom of success
Breathe in the despair
Breathe out the little things
Breathe in the end of an era
Breathe out the precious memories
Breathe in the doubt imprisoning your mind
Breathe out the satisfaction of completion.
Breathe in, breathe out.

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