September(Really Was A Terrible Year

June 7, 2012
By torieamccallxx BRONZE, Thorntown, Indiana
torieamccallxx BRONZE, Thorntown, Indiana
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I'm just sitting here.
Thinking back to that sixteenth day,
How I broke down,
Just froze,
When Baylee told me the news.

Then the twelfth day of December came,
and I broke down,
Once more.
Fourteen Years,
Nine Months,
And A Few Days More.

All the time you had.
Not Enough.
Fourteen Years,
Nine Months,
And a Few Days More.

You never got to see fifteen
You never got to get your license.
Or Even meet your idols.

Because, In reality.

Fourteen Years,
Nine Months,
And A Few Days More.

Wasn't enough time for you.

Type 1 Diabetes does terrible things to a person.
It took you too early.

It's because of this;
that after fourteen years,
nine months,
and a few days more,

September really was a terrible year.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after I lost my best friend on September 16, 2011 from type one diabetes. She was only 14 and would have turned 15 on December 12. It's been almost 9 months, and it still hurts like it was yesterday.

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