Night’s Desire

June 7, 2012
By IdeallyCreative BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
IdeallyCreative BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
Mohandas Gandhi

In the blackest night it came to me
A bright philosophy.

Soon the stars began to shine
And in the direction of reason align.

I wondered aimlessly
following to the place my heart would take me.

Soon the moon would appear
And to a path my creativity it would steer.

When that path would divide
I knew someone would be by my side.

With each full moon
Over new ideas I would swoon.

As the moon waxed and waned
I knew things would not be the same.

As the night became day
There were things that no one would say.

A child blinded by the night
Emerges slowly into the start of daylight.

And with the first taste of the suns sweet fire,
It was clear I had found my desire.

The author's comments:
This is a piece I wrote for a class project. It's about graduating, moving on, and starting something new.

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