David v. Goliath

June 4, 2012
By sociallyunawkward SILVER, Oak Park, Illinois
sociallyunawkward SILVER, Oak Park, Illinois
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“I need to tell you something” I whispered hoarsely
Into the ears of Goliath
I was David and he was a beast that I needed to conquer

Except it wasn’t him, it was simply an idea
A paranoid perception of a real person

I knew I had to do it.
I wanted to words to pour out of my mouth in an effortless waterfall,
But I knew it would not be that natural

Finally, the vocal upchuck flew out in a not-so-graceful manner;
“I’m g-g-gay” I stuttered eventually

My heart raced as I ran away from the potential conflict
I heard the clobbering footsteps of what I thought was a monster running behind me
I turned and saw his doofy grin, ready to comfort me
“It’s ok. There’s no need to worry” he said through clouded, puffy eyes

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