Feel my Pain

June 3, 2012
By Samlu PLATINUM, MPLS, Minnesota
Samlu PLATINUM, MPLS, Minnesota
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feel my pain sweat down like rain drop dropping down hard
see me go back in time and change what went wrong when i saw my friend break down and leak mini rainfalls
so why is it that i feel every tears drops like if someone was punching me
knocking me out by the amount of it
feel my pain as i know I'm too powerless to fight back n be ya keeper
feel my pain as i try to get up and combat the world we call earth
where my people is raining liquid from the their eyes and dropping down by the hundreds
feel my pain to know it's all the fights to make teammates to survive worth it
touch on my pain and feel it all
if you feel all the scrapes i got for trying to fold my hand and pray
knock at my door and tell death to wait a day or two
hold my memories in safe keeps for I'm like a sensitive man rushing face first
to clash head first down the street and up the drive way
feel my pain for you are the only one that can feel my pain
when i go tum and can't go warm for this heart is fried out and rusty like a car from 1940 and still driving on hope
fill the line from where i missed when i was trying to get understood
feel my pain for I'm slipping on thousand of sorrow's from all the wet nightmare i bleed every night like i live in the night n dead in the day
feel my pain for i see you my n***a fighting between smiles and sadness
feel a heartbeat that was never in the mail but mail to my bro
maybe if i switch shoes with him it will bring him back to us
here bro take my shoes i don't need them
feel my torture of a f***ed up reality inprisonment in the world like prison and the county out to get us
feds tripping that we tricking in feelings to feel bones break that all thats left is to slipt go
see me and see you and see how much stronger you are compare to me
but feel my pain as i felt your pain

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