Thousand of Miles Away

June 1, 2012
By nrogers BRONZE, Everson, Washington
nrogers BRONZE, Everson, Washington
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At first I didn’t like you, you tried and tried.
Then came year two and I opened my eyes,
But you were with her and I was invisible.
Until one day you weren’t so invincible.
You needed to talk and I was here.
You talked about her and failed to see,
the color of my eyes were turning green.
Then you got on a plane and left.
Leaving me wondering when we would talk next.
Days went by, when one day I got a text saying “hi”.
After that day, weeks went by, and then turned into months.
When I started to wonder, could this be?
Were you falling for me?
I questioned my feelings for you.
Kept asking myself, were you liking me too?
Finally, out came my courage.
Hoping you wouldn’t discourage.
My question came out,
and without a doubt,
Came the answer I wanted to hear.
I no longer had to fear.
We both knew the truth, and so did out close friends.
We liked each other.
We hope it will never end.
There was one problem.
You lived thousands of miles away,
and I wasn’t going to be able to see you every day.
With that I feared you would find someone else,
and leave me in the dust.
That fear stopped and I realized you were mine.
Though sometimes it feels like a crime,
because my dad doesn’t know about us.
If he did we know he would cuss.
We have to keep it a secret, by telling lies.
Leaving me feeling as dirty as a fly.
Soon the truth will come out,
And without a doubt,
Problems will occur.
That won’t matter.
If we like each other as much as we say we do.
Nothing will stop us until the day we say “I do”.

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