The Creation Story

May 20, 2012
By chase_waller BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
chase_waller BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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never a mistake, always a lesson

Body and Soul
someone steal her from me
Their childhood was rough
but now they are so happy
Body and Soul
had many a trial and battle
No one cared for them at first
and were lost in Darkness
Mind kept on reminding them
to keep a healthy head
But they were on the wrong path
and mind could not move ahead
Mind had to stoop
and do things unreasonable
Mind gave them the Right of Way
and fell to its knees
Body and Soul saw a light
and it shined to brighten the future
But mind was so lost
and it fell into its depths
Now they take care of Mind
for verily he is lost
And the greatest thing there ever was
has lost its way again
To Body
and Soul

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